We go above and beyond to make sure your day is extraordinary… exceptional… simply perfect!  We work hard with your venue, wedding coordinator & of course YOU, the couple to make sure runs smoothly.  After the booking process is complete you will be sent a wedding packet that will go over any special music, dedications and timeline events that you may like!  Our packages include MC services for your event and a wireless handheld microphone for the officiant and any speeches.



Once we confirm your date is available, we’ll reach out and get some specifics on times, dates, places, and what package you would like.  From there, we send you an email with a simple e-contract that you just click & submit electronically.  After the agreement is signed, you will be emailed a separate email with an invoice for your deposit.  Once both contract & 50% deposit have been received, your day is booked!


Travel within the state of Arizona is included in all packages.  Out of state & destination weddings are priced on a per-basis once we have location, any transport or equipment rental needs, and flights / rooms if needed.  Travel charges typically range from $1200 to $4,000 within the continental US and Caribbean.


Our wedding packet will contain most of this information.  For ceremony music, first dance & special songs Nate can learn and play up to 3 songs that he doesn’t know.  With hundreds of weddings under his belt, there are many traditional and pop songs that he’s learned & played over the years.  He would love to polish up a few of them, or learn some new ones for you!  Just let us know what you’re thinking!  Of course, we can find whatever you are looking for as far as the DJ goes 🙂  If you’re looking for something extra special, you can get your own custom written song!

Book Your Wedding

Complete wedding packages available for your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner & reception.  Book all your music in one place!

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