Nate Williams Band

About the Nate Williams Band

The Nate Williams Band was created around the idea that there’s already too many “note for note” cover bands out there… Let’s do something different and make the songs new… exciting… fresh… “acoustified”. That’s right, we actually had to make up a word to define ourselves! The Nate Williams Band is hands down the premier acoustic cover band & live entertainment in the area. Over 250 shows per year, the NWB throws it down night after night.

Nate Williams

got his musical start at an early age playing piano, drums & guitar.  Performing live became a regular thing by age 15.  He took his passion for music all the way with a Music Business & Audio Engineering degree & soon after founded the Nate Williams Band in 2011.  Along with performing, he’s an accomplished audio engineer & producer available for worldwide travel, projects & consultation.  Nate has co-recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced all music released by the group.

 Along with music, Nate enjoys engineering, designing & creating inventions, ideas & patenting / trademarking,  as well as traveling & literally long walks on the beach with his soulmate Tessa.  Look for some of their ideas hitting the market soon!

Jason Pataska


started as one of the ORIGINAL founding members of the NWB back in 2010.  After parting ways for a few years, Nate & Jason were drawn back together in 2016.  Jason has had a love and passion for the drums since he was a teenager.  Not only is he an excellent musician, he also is a very talented artist, metal artist, bike builder & sound engineer.  Along with being a full time musician with the NWB, JP keeps busy in his shop or studio working on one of his many talents!