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We are excited that you’re checking out the Nate Williams Band for the music on your special day!  First order of business… When you close your eyes and picture a typical “Wedding Band”; take that image and sound and throw it out the window!  Now…  close your eyes and imagine YOUR wedding, that day you’ve always dreamed of…  YOUR special song for the father/daughter dance, or your special song for the first dance… walking down the isle to something YOU like.  From Churches to Resorts, the Caribbean Islands to House Boats on a Lake, Rooftops to the Mountains, Atlantic to the Pacific and everywhere in between – the music and entertainment of the Nate Williams Band has brought happiness and joy to many of brides across the country!


The Whole Package…

The NWB can CATER TO YOUR ALMOST EVERY NEED!  Using any combination of our professional musicians, we can literally take care of ALL of your music needs for the entire day.  Available configurations include but not limited to: Solo Acoustic Guitar/Vocals, Solo Guitar/ Spanish Guitar, Duo Jazz Guitar/Sax Combo, Duo Guitar / Vocals Combo, Trio Guitar/Vocals/Sax combo, Trio Guitar/Vocals/Percussion Combo, and full dance band including drums and bass (either stand up or electric) and even make your own ipod mix for breaks!  We also have several Wedding Packages to choose from which include different variations of the band, trio and solo act, even Audio Recording for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and reception, as well as an a la carte’ menu to choose from to meet your specific needs or budget.

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  • Wedding Ceremony Music


Nate Williams Band Weddings, Local and Destination Weddings

Your Ceremony should be that special moment that you’ve dreamed of since you’ve been a little girl.  It’s like you can already picture walking out of the brides room with Dad, squeezing his comforting hand; with rows of chairs full of friends and loved ones there to support you in this incredible life changing day…  your beautiful white gown flowing behind as you walk slowly through the doors onto the silky runner leading up to your destiny. Flower pedals are scattered before you, blowing gently in the light breeze across the courtyard… Your bridesmaids and groomsmen…  your closed friends – standing, patiently waiting for you to gracefully make your way down that isle to meet your soon to be life partner, standing there… smiling with his hand out, just waiting for it to meet yours and feel that warm, loving touch.  What do you hear when you imagine this day?  Processional music, special songs for candle lighting or sand pouring, and of course the song where everyone stands for your grand entrance – to admire the beauty, passion and love that is walking down to meet the love of her life.   From soft romantic background music, to “Your Jam”, we want YOUR day to be just the way you’ve always wanted it.

Typically, the NWB does an Acoustic Duo (2 Acoustic Guitars/Vocals) or Jazz Duo (Acoustic Guitar/Sax) or Solo Acoustic (Nate on Guitar/Vocals).  Again, this can be configured any way to suit your needs as well as to accomplish the chosen music.  If Needed, the NWB can provide sound reinforcement for the ceremony, as well as a wireless lapel or handheld mic for use by the officiant.   Also popular is the Audio Recording!  Get a recording of your whole ceremony to have for years to come.   See more information on Recording, Nate Solo, Duo & Trio below.
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  • Cocktail / Social Hour Music




Typically, there is some sort of cocktail hour or social hour to let guests mingle with one another after the conclusion of the ceremony.  Background music can really add some zest into the environment, encouraging socializing and heightened senses among guests.  It is important that the music is not too loud, as it is easy to drown out the conversations that will go on throughout this pre-dinner gathering.  The Nate Williams Acoustic Trio is your solution to cocktail hour music.  Hear your favorites from the 70′s, 90′s and Today played with acoustic guitars and percussion.  The trio can be as light or “rocking” as needed for the cocktail hour, dinner and even the reception. However, they are most popular for cocktail/social hours and dinner type of setting.  These types of events are usually held in a different location than the dinner itself, such as a courtyard, patio or gathering area.  The Nate Williams Band has enough sound reinforcement equipment to set up in 2 main areas. (example: Dinner/Reception and Cocktail Hour Area). They can move and/or will provide more for a small additional cost.
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  • Dinner Music


Nate Williams Band Weddings | Dinner Music


The ceremony is over… everyone has moved their way through the mini-bar line at cocktail area and is heading into the main hall to eat this wonderful meal that you’ve been working with caterers and your wedding planner to get just perfect.  It’s time for the Grand Entrance – Everyone stands as the bridal party enters the room, one couple at a time… then the best man and maid of honor… and “now, let’s give our new bride and groom a giant round of applause, I’m happy to introduce to you to… Mr and Mrs (you get the picture)!  Nate is the frontman of the NWB for a reason – he can entertain and get a great reaction out of your crowd!  From announcements to introductions, the NWB can once again literally take care of every musical / sound reinforcement aspect of your dinner and reception.  This is commonly when speeches are given by Father of Bride, Groom & Bride, Best Man and Maid of Honor.  We will provide a microphone and will tend to the equipment until speeches are complete, making sure everyone in the room can hear the speaker clearly.  We can even record the music and speeches for use in video or for your personal enjoyment for years to come.

Once dinner is nearly complete, the guys would likely take a quick break and a bite to eat, and back on stage with the full band for the dance reception!

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  • Reception / Dance Music




Finally, dinner is over and it’s TIME TO PARTY!  From the Bride and Groom’s first dance to the last dance of the evening, the Nate Williams Band has the perfect touch to make your wedding dance memorable, entertaining and fun for attendees of all ages.  They do an amazing job of reading the crowd, and always seem to play just the right selection of material to leave everyone in the room feeling satisfied at the end of the night.  They will gladly learn special songs for First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son and Wedding Party Dance if they are not already in their song list. 

The Reception Dance is typically 3-4 hours and length, and you can expect TWO to THREE 15-minute breaks during the course of the evening.  The NWB can provide break music and/or any special songs that you may want the “original” version played for any reason, or you can provide your own mp3 / ipod device with mixes of your own music.  The guys are very easy to work with, and good about announcements, changes to the timeline and any other circumstances that may arise.  From Dave Matthews to Jack Johnson, Poison to Bon Jovi, Tom Petty to Bob Seger, Maroon 5 to Black Eyed Peas to Van Morrison- the NWB can cover decades worth of music for hours on end to keep your guests dancing and enjoying themselves all evening.
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  • Selecting Songs


NWB Weddings - Song Selections


Alright, now comes the fun part.  Because the Nate Williams Band is a collective group of professional working musicians… if you have a special song, or songs (up to 5 songs per wedding) that are not already on the Nate Williams Band Playlist – they will gladly learn just about anything you throw at them to ensure you get the very most out of your special day! Back to what we covered earlier – we are about YOUR needs.  This is the big day that YOU have been waiting for – why be at the mercy of some “Standard list of songs” from your “typical wedding band” when you can break out and get just about anything you would want to have.  Be creative… choose songs that tell your story.  New, Old, Rock, pop, classics… you name it.  For your wedding, choose a band that is passionate about music and has fun on stage.  Young enough to have the energy and new songs, but just old enough to have a ton of experience! Not your “typical” wedding band.

The NWB (solo/trio/full band) is and original / cover band – meaning they put their own unique sound and style to cover songs, while still maintaining the basic tune so it is familiar and fitting to the occasion, as well as play their own original music.  For example, if it would be physically and instrumentally impossible to play a song as it is, the guys would re-arrange it and just make it work for their instrumental lineup.  They put on a truly unique show that is enjoyable and memorable.  You absolutely need to have the Nate Williams Band at your wedding if you were born between 1960 and 1990 – Everything from Zeppelin to Petty up to Bruno Marz and Maroon 5 – these guys will help you make some awesome memories to cherish a lifetime!
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  • Wedding Packages


The NWB wants to help your day come to life and also fit into your budget.  Working with our manager Taryn, we’ve come up with some great packages to suit most couples’ needs for their wedding day.  We also offer a la carte’ options if you just need ceremony or cocktail hour / dinner music or just a reception band, etc.

All of our wedding packages include:

  • Set-up and tear-down of sound equipment
  • Wireless Microphone for Officiant (if requested)
  • Professional Communication with the Bride / Groom and Wedding Coordinator
  • You can request a color theme for the bands’ attire ( Your Wedding Colors… yes, we know – that’s pretty cool, huh? They know us well at the tie store)


The Nate Williams Band includes any combination of the following musicians:


  • Nate Williams - Lead Vocals, Guitar


  • Mike Kaplan - Lead Guitar – Acoustic/Electric


  • David Morales – Percussion (Bongos / Cajon) and Sax (Alto / Tenor)


  • Gannon Burleigh – Drums / Percussion, pan flute


  • Ray Thiry – Bass (Electric & Stand Up)



Full Band Package: Watch Video

Includes: Solo, Duo or Trio for Ceremony; Acoustic Trio for Cocktail Hour and Dinner; and Full 5pc Band for Reception Dance with Your iPod or ours with Dance Music during set breaks.

  • Nate Singing and Playing Guitar
  • Nate Singing/playing guitar and Jimmi T playing acoustic guitar
  • Nate or Jimmi Playing Guitar and Davy Playing Sax or Percussion
  • Nate, Jimmi and Davy (Acoustic Trio)
  • Full 5 Piece band – including drums, bass, electric guitars with ipod break music


Acoustic Trio Package: Watch Video

Includes: Solo, Duo or Trio for Ceremony, Duo or Trio for Cocktail Hour, and Acoustic Trio for Reception Dance

  • Nate Singing / playing acoustic guitar
  • Nate Singing/Guitar, Jimmi T on Guitar / Mandolin
  • Nate or Jimmi Playing Guitar and Davy playing Sax or Percussion
  • Nate, Jimmi and Davy (Acoustic Trio) for everything


Duo Package:

Includes: Solo or Duo for Ceremony, and Duo for Cocktail Hour

  • Nate singing/playing guitar with Jimmi T on Guitar
  • Nate Singing / playing guitar with Davy on Sax / percussion
  • Jimmi & Davy – Jazzy Duo – Guitar / Sax combo


Solo Package:

Includes: Nate Williams Solo for your Ceremony and Cocktail / Social Hour

  • Nate solo on singing / acoustic guitar (1 man show)

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  • Live Audio Recording


For a low flat cost, you can have all of the audio from your wedding day recorded in either .WAV or .MP3 format for your future enjoyment.  This is a popular option if there is Video involved throughout the day, or if you want to have some personal CD’s of your wedding and the music to share with guests.   The Recording takes a feed directly out of our soundboard, so you get exactly what you heard that day.  We can even run the officiant microphone into the recorder as well to capture an HD audio recording of the entire ceremony!  Readings, speeches, vows… the whole 9 yards.

Recording/Capturing the entire day is a flat fee of $300.00.  Editing and Mastering, which means we cut up the tracks into separate songs, eq, adjust levels and sweeten audio for a flat fee of $4/minute of audio.  So… for example:  if your ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner lasted for 2 1/2 hours of recorded audio (Breaks and downtime not included), the initial recording cost would be $300.00 + PLUS (150 min of audio X  $4/min).  We can also run a live sound board feed DIRECTLY to your video crew if they have appropriate connections on their camera(s).  We want to offer you as many options as possible to help your day, and memories of your day be great!
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  •  Stage / Setup / Power Requirements


We won’t go into all the fun technical details, but there are a few things we like brides, grooms and wedding planners to keep in mind.  Obviously, the amount of space and power needed depends on the number of musicians and size of Sound Reinforcement System we need to bring for the event.  Some fun little things to keep in mind when placing musicians and setting them up:

  1. Can you have “amplified” music in the area or venue that you are planning your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner or reception?  This can sometimes be a problem in National / State Parks, some Resorts and Churches, as well as public areas.  Just an FYI (we’ve run into it)
  2. Is there power available? If yes, is it close to the area or 100 yards away?  Does it work? (all things that will be very important to the band)
  3. When deciding on placement of the stage or “musician area”, will speakers be in front of a table?  Will the whole room be in front of the stage so they can hear both the music, toasts and speeches throughout the evening.  It’s always the worst when you can’t understand people because you’re sitting behind a speaker, or even worse… it’s blasting 3 feet behind your head.
  4. Is there a dance floor or dance area?  People want to get up and shake their stuff, make sure there is adequate room for the boogie boogie shake…
  5. Is there going to be a stage?  Some venues provide staging for the acts which is very nice.  However, please double check our dimensions and power requirements below for the different acts to make sure that we fit and don’t blow any circuits.


Solo / Duo Requirements:


Power:  Must have AT LEAST ONE (1) 15-20 Amp Circuit (You know, that plug in the wall you stick your hair dryer into?)

Performance Length: Nate typically does 2-4 hour long solo performances with 1 – 3 Fifteen minute breaks.

Area/Space:  Please allow an area that is at least 6′W x 4′D for Nate and his solo sound equipment.  He can fit into smaller, or even a corner, but prefer at least 6 feet across so he doesn’t get crammed.

Setup Time:  Please allow Nate 30 – 50 minutes to set up, depending on location and obstacles (like stairs, landscaping, etc)

Volume:  Nate is exceptional about keeping volume at an appropriate level. Usually soft / mild on the dB scale.

Brief Description:  Nate’s Solo show is him and his guitar.  He uses a voice fx and harmony pedal to do some cool things and add parts to his music, while also using a loopstation with his guitar.  Nate’s solo show sounds like a minimum of 2 people playing, and is very unique and original when it comes to his “Solo” interpretations of different cover songs.  You can expect a chill, laid back atmosphere yet with passion and feeling that Nate puts into every song.  He can learn, re-arrange or write / re-write just about anything you could ever want for special music for your Ceremony, Cocktail Hour or Dinner.



Trio Requirements:


Power:  Must have AT LEAST TWO (2) 15-20 Amp Circuits (Plugs)

Performance Length: Typically 3-5 hours with anywhere from 2-4 roughly 15-minute breaks.  Very entertaining!

Area/Space:  Please allow an area that is at least 10′W x 8′D for Nate Williams Trio as well as sound equipment.  They can fit into smaller spaces, or even a corner… but prefer at least 10 feet across so they don’t get too crammed.

Setup Time:  Please allow the Nate Williams Trio  30 – 60 minutes to set up, depending on location and obstacles (like stairs, landscaping, etc)

Volume:  Nate Williams Trio is awesome at keeping the volume at an appropriate level for the venue / attendees. Usually mild / moderately loud on the dB scale – you can still have a conversation.

Brief Description:  The Nate Williams Trio is composed of Nate Williams on Acoustic Guitar / Vocals, Jimmi T Wilson on Lead / Slide Guitar and Davy Morales on Percussion and Saxophone.  They play their own “acoustified” unique versions of popular cover songs spanning from the 60s to now… really just a bit of everything.  Are very musically tight playing together, and are willing and able to play just about anywhere.  You can see some videos of the NWB Trio HERE.


Full Band – 5pc : Requirements:


Power:  Must have PREFERABLY THREE TO FOUR OUTLETS (3-4) ON TWO SEPARATE 15-20 Amp Circuits.  Most reception halls have adequate power for this.

Performance Length: Typically 3-5 hours with anywhere from 2-4 roughly 15-minute breaks.  Great times.

Area/Space:  Please allow an area that is roughly 16′W x 12′D for Nate Williams Trio as well as sound equipment.  They can fit into smaller spaces, or even a corner… but prefer at least 16 feet across so they don’t get too crammed.

Setup Time:  Please allow the Nate Williams Band  45 – 90 minutes to set up, depending on location and obstacles (like stairs, landscaping, etc)

Volume:  Nate Williams Band is a bit louder than the trio or solo, just because there is more instruments like electric guitars, drums, bass, etc. Usually mild / moderately loud on the dB scale – you can still have a conversation, or ask them to turn it up and party.  They have a very nice sound system capable of 120dB + volume.

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  • Contracts, Procedures and Payment

The NWB wants your day and all the planning to go as smooth as possible.  This is why we’ve constructed this section, to help with some of the “business” questions you may have and to give you a brief understanding of how our company works.  The steps below MUST be taken by every client to eliminate any confusion and/or double bookings.

  1. Contact Covertone Entertainment with the date, location and time that you have in mind for your wedding by EMAIL or calling Taryn at 1(480)217-6861.  She will discuss details with you about travel, wedding packages, set up, special music and any other questions or concerns that YOU may have.
  2. A Performance Agreement (Contract) will be emailed to you for your Online Digital Signature through EchoSign.  This eliminates printing, scanning and faxing all together.  Simply click through the contract and fill in the required information and click “Sign”
  3. Along with the “signed” contract, a 20% Deposit (Or otherwise stated in the contract) paid to the order of Covertone Entertainment LLC must be mailed via check, money order or Credit Card/PayPal.  Once both the signed contract and deposit have been received, your date is secured.
  4. Continued professional communication with the bride and/or wedding planner to go over special song and music requests, changes, timelines, details, etc.

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  • Destination Wedding Music




When planning your destination wedding event, it can be a bit tricky to find exactly what you’re looking for in a place that you’re not familiar with.  The Nate Williams Band Acoustic Trio is the perfect solution to your Destination Wedding Music.  Whether on the beach, or at a resort / hotel, the NWB will gladly be there to provide your favorite music for your special day.  Our wedding package rates remain the same, whether the wedding is in town or across the country, however there are additional travel costs, equipment rental costs and lodging, etc that must be taken into consideration.  Deposits required for Destination Weddings are typically 20% of the Wedding Package Rate, plus all travel / lodging costs paid up front to secure flights, reservations, baggage, etc.

The NWB is available for destination weddings everywhere from the Caribbean to Florida, Mexico, Hawaii, California, Lake Tahoe, Vegas, Colorado, Fiji, Bahamas, and pretty much anywhere else you would want to celebrate your special day in your own version of paradise.  All equipped with flight cases, passports and proper insurance policy to play at some of the best 5-Star Resorts in the world!  Taryn and staff will be in constant communication with planners and event coordinators at your “Destination Location” to ensure all proper plans, rentals and areas are secured.  We will work with the A/V department with gear setup, requirements and locations so you can just relax and think about getting married!

Before you choose your musician(s) for your destination wedding, please call us at 480-217-6861 to go over some options… you might find that it’s much more affordable than you may think!  Acoustic guitars and bongos on the beach… playing some Jack Johnson or Ben Harper or Marley or Zac Brown… or literally whatever you want.  We wish you the best of luck on your Destination Wedding and look forward to speaking with you about your music / entertainment!
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