Featured Video: “Old Black Shoe” by Nate Williams Band

Nate Williams Band Original music released on their album LOVEnough. Look for more new videos soon!


About the Band

The Nate Williams Band plays a HUGE variety of cover music as well as their own original songs.  They put an original-sounding twist to nearly every cover song, making it familiar to the audience while adding their “acoustified” sound and making it their own.  Band members include Mike Kaplan on lead guitar, Jason Pataska on Drums/percussion and Jim Pederson on Bass, and Nate Williams on Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar.   The Nate Williams Band will make your next event memorable and enjoyable.

NWB plays everything from Venues/Festivals to Backyard Parties, Corporate & Private Events & some of the coolest weddings ever!  The band has traveled from the Virgin Islands to Minnesota & Florida to L.A., Vegas, Napa, Denver, Mexico & everywhere between.  Based out of Phoenix, AZ. Read More…

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